About Me ♥

Hi! My name is Rachel and I'm a Chinese girl from Australia. I adore all styles of fashion - Western, korean and Japanese. My style is quite different to others, I'm not exactly normal ^_^ I like to wear all sorts of weird accessories and bright colours that stand out like skeleton clips and big bows. I am most influenced by Korean and Japanese fashion, especially from Ulzzangs and Zipper models.
My favourite models that I follow are: Song Ahri, Kim Shin Yeong, Park Sora, Seto Ayumi, Eva Cheung, Tsubasa Masuwaka and Okarie Matsuoka.

I have a typical life of a teen girl. I stress over school grades, worry about my weight and have the worst hair days as well. I know that I'm definitely not someone people would idolise, but I hope you can continue to support my blog, stay interested and relate to my life anyhow ;D

I love to waste time on social networking sites. I spend my time blogging, Facebook-ing, Instagramming, Tweeting, tumblring etc etc. You name a social network site, I've got it. Maybe that's why my life is really busy and crammed! I also love to play video games. I'm addicted to DDR, Maplestory and I'm starting to get into LoL (though I am terrible at it!). 

My dream is to own a fashion business when I'm older. I have so many plans and am currently working on opening my first online shop: alemonslife.storenvy.com 
I just want to be able to sell clothes and be surrounded by a life of fashion, whilst also blogging part of the time. 

I'm also very interested in the computer science field and hope to do something with IT when I'm older :) 

Other dreams of mine, or things that I hope to do in my life are - 

☆Go to Japan/Korea UPDATE: Happened and it was GREAT! :)
☆Start a Youtube Channel (hopefully make it successful) You can now subscribe to me at 'Heylinni' on Youtube
☆Model for a Japanese Magazine like Popteen/ Kera/ Zipper
☆Be on a Youtube webseries/TV show (like InsiteTV does)  
☆Voice-over for a character in a video game
☆Be sponsored for a trip anywhere! 

ahaha, except for the first one, these are very unlikely, but hey - a girl can dream right? :)

My blog Heylinni is all about my life and the new trends and styles that I discover in my journey of growing up and experiencing new things. This blog has provided me with many opportunities like attending Blogging events, receiving freebies from amazing online stores and even appearing in a fellow blogger's video. I am extremely grateful to everyone who supports me and I hope that in the future, I can develop this blog even more and create a great follower base! 

Thank You! x

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