Sunday, January 8, 2017


Hi friends! Oh boy, happy to be back :) Blogging is always just a soothing remedy to the stresses of life and sometimes it seems like I don't get to do this often enough! I've been feeling a little bit burnt out lately - just so demotivated and dull and at times, inexplicably upset about the minute things that go on in my life. I get stressed really easily, so it's not a good state of mind to be in. But nevertheless, the holiday atmosphere has gotten me up and at em - I love the joyful mood of the holiday season, and even work seems super chill. The weather is also beautiful lately, so despite my inner turmoils, it could not be a better time of year to be happy, healthy and grateful for everything we live for. 

Today, I'm bringing you a cool product to try out. I was sent a Face Mist from Griffin+Row, who are an Australian skincare company, known for being very natural and organic. Their packaging practically screams nature and trees and the environment! I specifically wanted a Facial Mist, because during the Summer, the sun can dry your face into an old raisin, so it's super duper important to moisturise and ensure your skin is hydrated and fresh~ However, I'd prefer not to slather cream on my face every few hours, because it feels sticky and heavy. So the perfect solution is having a mist that you can lightly spray, hydrate and continue on in your merry day without a heavy feeling. 

The overall philosophy of Griffin+Row is something that is extremely organic and I love the concept: It's all about healthy living and beauty; ageing naturally, yet being able to maintain your beauty whilst you do it, at a low cost. They don't compromise on cost when it comes to ingredients, placing that at the forefront of importance, so that our skin is getting nourished with the best materials there are to offer. Their products also promote living positively, with products that are quick and easy to apply, yet effective along the way. Lastly, they promote sustainability, through their recyclable packaging and refrain from using harmful chemicals or testing on animals. 

The Griffin+Row hydrating mist comes in a really cute bottle spritzer. It aims to give the user an uplifting refresh! The mixture is alcohol-free and natural, using this special ingredient called centess complex. This is a unique blend of natural plant extracts and ingredients to directly protect skin from ageing effects. It battles against lack of oxygenation, lack of hydration, free radical damage and diminished collagen. You can read more about the special mix here

You should definitely use this spray when your skin starts feeling tired or dehydrated! It is especially essential to have in air conditioned rooms where the humidity is completely sucked out. To apply, hold it at a distance from the face and spray. This won't ruin makeup or anything like that, so it's usable at any time. Make sure to close your eyes though!! 

When I use this, I always feel like those girls in the ads that spray perfume on themselves and then shake their hair all around hahahah you know what I mean? It feels great, all cooling and hydrating! And plus, the scent is really nice and fresh. There's a real natural smell, with a hint of citrusy flavour, which I adore. After spraying on my face, I tend to pat it down a bit as well and rub it in, to really ensure the locking-down of that moisture. Overall, I think it is a great product for those that can be bothered/remember to pull it out of your bag. It can get forgotten at time, I admit. 

The Griffin+Row hydrating mist spray is $32 and can be purchased online, on their website. If you are interested, please check it out! 

On the other hand, I will be also doing a giveaway, to send ONE lucky winner their very own Griffin+Row hydrating mist! HOW EXCITING? Thanks to Griffin+Row for offering to provide another product for a classic Heylinni beauty giveaway! All you have to do is FOLLOW ME ON BLOGLOVIN and also SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL and you will be entered in the draw!! Giveaway is open in Australia, so if you are interested in this product, I encourage you to enter! 

Good luck to all!

xx Heylinni 
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Saturday, November 5, 2016

John Frieda Massive Sponsored Hair Haul and Review!

This post has been a long, long time coming tbh and I am not proud of that. But here I am today to show you some of my favourite hair products, from John Frieda! This was an incredible box sent to me about a million years ago by a PR company, but it took so long to even get the chance to try some of these products that I just never got around to making a proper post about it. But hey, here we go - better late than never, I always say. In a quick update with me, I've been an absolute slacker, even with videos on Youtube, since my exams are coming right up. I'm studying full force (procrastinating 50% though) and trying to get that final cram in before I start both my exams and internship on the same date next week! I did however post, a new Youtube video, which was my STUDY HACKS, which you can find on the youtube right now, just by clicking this link right here :) 

And throughout all of this, I've been craving a change ~ perhaps something to do with my hair? I'm not sure what I want to do with it. I can't decide whether I want it cut and dyed or just dyed etc. 

What do you think?

I'm also worried that if I dye it again, it's going to fry my hair even more :( Even though I've never gone a crazy colour, I have dyed my hair quite a lot in the past, causing my hair to become dry and brittle. Let's see the evolution form the early days -> 

This was back when I first started my blog! It must have been one of the first posts I wrote. My hair was just a normal dark brown then... 

Next I went a bit more chocolately, dying my hair just a shade up and lightening the tips as well. Right before this, I had also had red tips making my hair shade transition from dark brown to light brown to red :P 

Then I went all out, dying my whole hair blonde...or orange... LOL

Next, I went red - I really loved this colour a lot but it washed out so quickly

Then my hair faded into a copper, which was pretty nice as well 

This was when I dyed my hair chocolate brown with the John Frieda dye actually! ~ I'll talk about that laterrr

Afterwards, I let my roots grow out and lightened my tips to blonde again!! (that's my signature hair haha) 

And then last year, I dyed my roots black and bleached my tips twice and THEN dyed them ash blonde zzzz that was absolute destruction for my hair!

So as a result of all this dye, you can see how my hair is in need of some serious that's where John Frieda comes into play ~~ What a brand. I actually really like this brand and I find it extremely professional and worthy of hair-salon use. Like, it 's a little more pricey than regular, home hair care, but the quality and the care that's gone into producing it is outright awesome. From the packaging to the scents to the effect, it's all the little touches that make it a top of the range product. 

When I was sent this, I was actually still quite a small blogger and I was so shocked about receiving something so big and heavy in the mail. It was one of the most incredible packages I've ever received (which is why I feel so bad about not having reviewed it before). But I had no idea it was coming and one day, it just showed up - a big, black box with my name on the top. Of course, I was so excited and grateful! 

Inside this box contained a WHOLE bunch of hair care products, from all different ranges from John Frieda. There were hair dyes, hair toner, shampoo, treatment, conditioner, spray - the whole shebang. Obviously, I wouldn't be able to use ALL the toner at once, because they were suited for different hair colours, same goes for the hair dyes... ^_^ But from what I did try, it was really silky, non-damaging and let's dive into more indepth analysis on each of the products :O 

This was one of the hair dyes I was sent. I didn't end up using this one, but I love the Pearl finish in the colour. The foam dyes are pretty amazing because they really get into every crack and crevice within the hair, so you are left with less patchiness. 

Does anyone actually know what those hair colour codes mean? haha.. This was the one I used to get my chocolatey brown hair colour. Obviously, I knew it wouldn't turn out this blonde because I was originally working with dark, dark, asian hair :) A downside of having dark hair unfortunately! But anyway, when I used this dye, I felt like it was easy to apply, smelt decent and worked great. I didn't leave it in for that long and my hair didn't feel horribly damaged after using it - plus they include a mini hair care conditioner to use for a couple of washes afterwards, to treat the hair damage caused by dye. I thought it looked really good and I'd definitely do it again if I had this shade (but kinda want to go a different colour...something crazzzyy) 

Whilst this is awesome and looks so fancy in its packaging, I can't really give you a proper review, since I haven't had the need to use it ever. However, from the generic description, it's a 6-in shower treatment hair toner to boost your dark hair colour and create shine and glossiness! 

More and more toner for all different hair colours! So cool to get all of them :) There's this red colour for warm reds, one for warm brunettes, one for warm blondes and the last one for all blondes! Who knows when I might need this (I could just go ash blonde next hey?). But for all those friends reading this that have dyed their hair and need some toner, hit me up ahah I have too much >< 

So next in the lot is this range of shampoos and conditioners. I actually bought the Sheer Blonde Shampoo and the Frizz Ease Repairing Conditioner myself, after I bleached my hair twice. The Sheer Blonde is a purple conditioner that helps to treat and also tone your blonde hair and neutralise the colours so it doesn't turn a brassy orange. The conditioner is AMAZING. Everytime I put it in, it just completely silkified my hair and made it feel so soft and brand new again. This was something that I'd definitely invest in and am so happy I bought, so I highly recommend it to the rest of you. The other two are rather large tubs of product as well, and I'd expect they act similarly, to remove frizz and brittle, fried hair to repair the damage you may have done to it. 

Just more shampoo, which I couldn't fit in the last photo hehe. It contains coconut oil, which is a popular ingredient to go in shampoo, because it covers your hair shaft and protects it, making it slippery and smooth.

Frizz Ease has GOT to be my favourite series in the John Frieda brand. It has all the perfect products to suit my hair and make it healthier. This is a hair mask, used to really get inside the shaft and repair the hair from inside out. Although, because it is a tub hair mask, it's a bit ceebs for me to put on and wait, then wash off since I'm pretty lazy with my beauty care. 

I'm also yet to use this, but assuming it is for when you want to curl/straighten/place some sort of heat on your hair. Heat can be really damaging to hair, making it dry and cracked. So placing a primer on is pretty important, to protect from the heat. A must have in any hair fanatics kit. 

This is the PERFECT kit for the summer. It's got 3 pieces, each around $12 (affordable enough) consisting of a conditioner, shampoo and spray. It's a minty kit that leaves you feeling refreshed, with some textured, beachy hair for a carefree look. It's lightweight and makes you feel summer time ready, as it is infused with mint and seaweed extract!! 

This is for those who prefer not to use heat to style their hair. If you want some soft, natural waves, you can just spray in the Air Dry Foam on damp hair and shape it into those pretty curls. I think it's a great alternative for those who style their hair often, just to give it a break and let that hair repair naturally, without too much interference on a daily basis.

So that is the end of my haul! What a great deal of items and all such high quality and fun! :) My only problem now is when I'm going to finish using it all but hey, I'm not complaining!! :) 

Good luck for exams everyone and hope you aren't stressing out too much 
xx Heylinni 

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